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Bringing You Better News

Bringing You Better News

Relevant, comprehensive, and timely market news

Market news can provide critical insights into companies you’ve invested in, keep you up to date on the markets, and help you make better informed investment decisions. Today, we’re excited to share how we’re making news more relevant, comprehensive, and timely.


Using machine learning, we more accurately identify which companies and stock symbols are discussed in an article. This allows us to aggregate news that’s better customized to your watchlist and most relevant to your portfolio.


We provide coverage from known and trusted news sources like Business Insider, CNBC, MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance, and exclude articles that are likely to be machine generated. We now have coverage for over 92% of stocks and cryptocurrencies held on Robinhood, so you never miss out on articles covering the companies you’re watching.


News articles will appear on Robinhood quickly after they’re published, so you’ll get the latest coverage on the stocks and cryptocurrencies you’re watching.

You can find news right below your portfolio, when you tap on a specific stock or cryptocurrency, and in your “Recent News” feed when you tap on the search icon.

To learn more about the technology that powers news, check out our data team’s blog post.

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