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Discover the Financial You

Discover the Financial You

New ways to learn who you are as an investor, track investments you care about, and explore what’s available on Robinhood

We believe information empowers people and that your experience with Robinhood should reflect your unique financial life. So we’re introducing new features to help you learn who you are as an investor, track and organize the assets you care about, and explore what’s available on Robinhood. 

Learn how you’re investing through Robinhood

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We’re introducing new investment profiles with insights that help you better understand how you’re investing. Your profile will show you what percentage of your portfolio is invested in stocks, options, ETFs, and crypto, including a breakdown by sectors and types. We’re also adding other insights, like how many of your investments have upcoming earnings or states where your investments are concentrated. 

Interested in diversifying your investment mix? Tap a category to discover stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies in that category. 

We want profiles to feel familiar, intuitive, and representative of you. So we’re giving you the ability to customize your profile by choosing a color scheme, creating a username, and uploading a photo that represents you. 

Profiles will begin rolling out next week in your Account tab. 

Track, organize, and explore investments you care about


We’re adding more control and customization for the stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies you’re following. Now, you can create and follow your own lists of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies you’re interested in. You can add unique names, like “Want to Buy” or “Need to Research,” and opt into notifications about price movements, breaking news, and events.

We’re also adding the ability to sort lists by symbol, price, and % change, making it easier to find stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies based on criteria you care about.

We’ve revamped the experience for Collections and now you can add them to your lists. Lists like ETFs, Hospitality Stocks, and Bitcoin Family help you discover what’s available on Robinhood. 

Explore lists by searching in Robinhood, by tapping a category in your profile, or by finding them on stock and ETF pages.

We’re excited to share these features with the first set of customers today and provide more tools and insights that empower you.

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