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Fireside Chat with Vlad Tenev, Robinhood CEO

Fireside Chat with Vlad Tenev, Robinhood CEO

Customers make Robinhood what it is. In our earliest days, we’d show our product designs to local university students to inform how we built each part of the app. We’d make immediate tweaks—tiny iterations that would make the product that much more intuitive and useful for our future customers. 

That’s why we held our first-ever fireside chat with a few customers, who asked Vlad their questions directly. Watch the video above to hear Vlad answer questions like: 

  • How can Robinhood become a more competitive player in cryptocurrency?
  • What’s your message to customers leaving Robinhood?
  • How can Robinhood get more women on the platform?
  • What is Robinhood’s plan to improve customer support?

Conversations like these helped us build Robinhood into a simple, elegant platform with people at the center of the design. And they were just the start of a dialogue with youour customers—that we’re excited to continue.

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