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Robinhood 2022 ESG Report

Robinhood 2022 ESG Report

At Robinhood, we recognize the vital role that our ESG program plays in supporting our mission to democratize finance for all. To highlight this work, we issued our third annual ESG Report, which outlines how we continue to embed ESG principles into our everyday business operations to advance our mission and drive positive impact for Robinhood. 

This year’s report comes on the heels of a tough market environment, volatility in crypto markets, rising interest rates in the U.S, and customers battling inflation. These economic headwinds have had wide-ranging effects, and further increased the importance of delivering products tailored to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Throughout these volatile times, we continued to prioritize our ESG strategies every step of the way.

Building on multiple years of disclosure, our report describes our ESG priorities, activities, and key metrics for fiscal year 2022 in three key areas:

  • For our Environmental work, we took the next step toward high-quality measurement and  best-in-class reporting by completing a GHG data assurance process. This assurance helps us identify areas where emissions reductions can be achieved and allows us to continue to understand and implement strategies to mitigate climate change. 
  • To continue our Social and Community Engagement, we proudly partnered with community organizations in the U.S. to expand our financial education initiatives, which are a cornerstone of our mission. This includes our work with the National Bankers Association, where we partnered with Minority Depository Institutions to drive programming to empower millennial wealth building. Additionally, the Robinhood Money Drills Program built partnerships with universities across the U.S. to provide financial educational resources and support for student athletes so they feel empowered to take control of their financial futures. Participating universities included West Virginia University, Kansas State University and the University of Memphis.
  • Lastly, our Governance work continues to focus on maintaining high standards of business and professional conduct and compliance. 

We’re proud of the advancement of our ESG priorities in 2022,and our third annual Report showcases our ongoing effort to provide transparency into and progress toward Robinhood’s ESG goals.

Read our 2022 ESG Report HERE.

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