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Sherwood Media Portfolio Grows with Chartr Limited Acquisition

Sherwood Media Portfolio Grows with Chartr Limited Acquisition

Sherwood Media, LLC has added U.K.-based Chartr Limited, a data-driven media company and newsletter publisher, to its portfolio through an acquisition by Robinhood Markets, Inc. Chartr’s visual storytelling turns complex data into easy-to-understand narratives, and will now give the tens of millions of readers of Sherwood Media the ability to better understand the finer details of important trends and the news of the day.

Offering clear and thoughtful insights into complex data is a natural extension of Sherwood’s mission to empower its readers to have the information they need to control their financial future. The acquisition of Chartr gives audiences new ways to understand and see news and market-moving trends. Readers can expect to find Chartr stories across Sherwood content, including Snacks, a daily markets and business newsletter that has one of the largest audiences in the country. 

In a space increasingly dominated by social & visual media that’s sorely lacking in substance, Chartr has found a way to give you information that not only stops you in your tracks, but makes you feel rewarded for spending the time. Their ability to take hard numbers and turn them into fascinating narrative adventures is unmatched, and their rapid growth over the last several years is a testament to that. Chartr’s brand of visual storytelling is a perfect compliment to what we’re building at Sherwood Media, and will help us supercharge our work on rethinking how news is delivered, which stories get told, and what audiences need right now. – Joshua Topolsky, Editor-in-Chief and President, Sherwood Media

“Chartr was founded to help democratize data storytelling, to distill complex narratives into impactful visuals, and surface easy-to-understand insights typically unavailable to a wider audience. From our first conversation, it was clear that we shared the vision that Josh and Sherwood Media are building: a news org for a generation lost between the business broadsheets of yesteryear, and the short-form social media stories of today. We’re incredibly excited to build on Chartr’s progress with Sherwood, telling stories not just from a different perspective, but in an entirely new way.” – David Crowther, Founder of Chartr

Chartr will continue its newsletter publication and join Sherwood Media, bringing its visual storytelling to tens of millions of new readers. The addition of Chartr will be integral as Sherwood continues to launch new editorial offerings, complementing Snacks with more always-on news, updates and analysis, original reporting, new newsletter offerings, social-first content, and live events. 

Sherwood Media, LLC produces fresh and unique perspectives on topical financial news and is a fully owned subsidiary of Robinhood Markets, Inc.


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