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Start Investing. Stop Paying.

Start Investing. Stop Paying.

Robinhood Launches to the Public

Robinhood is now available to the public! Now that we’ve invited all 800,000 people who signed up for our waitlist, it’s your turn. So grab your iPhone, download Robinhood, and say goodbye to trading commissions. 

In 2013, our unconventional brokerage sprouted up in Palo Alto, California, and we called it Robinhood. Committed to making the markets accessible to younger investors, we eliminated trading commissions and account minimums. 

Pundits were outraged, arguing that younger people would never invest and that there wasn’t a market. They said we’d fall on our faces before we even made a trade.* But people disagreed — nearly a million people. And today, we’re open to the public. 

In just a few short months, our customers have collectively saved $5 million in commissions* and more than $212 million has been traded through Robinhood’s platform. While these numbers are impressive, we’re even more proud that 25 percent of our customers chose Robinhood as their first investment account. 

Robinhood for Android

We’re hard at work building a unique experience for Android and look forward to sharing it with you all later this year. In the meantime, add your email to get the latest updates.

This is just the beginning of what’s to come. Margin accounts, additional order types and securities, API access and more are all on the docket for 2015. 

Your Friends at Robinhood


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