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Just In:  New Symbols on the Robinhood 24 Hour Market

Just In:  New Symbols on the Robinhood 24 Hour Market

Robinhood is the only US retail brokerage to offer 24/5 trading of single name stocks

At Robinhood, we believe the future of investing is 24/7. That’s why we launched the Robinhood 24 Hour Market last year, to give our customers unprecedented flexibility and access to the markets. Today, we’re excited to  announce that we’ve expanded the total number of symbols available overnight in the US to 922. You can view the full list of available stocks and ETFs here

Using 24 Hour Market, people can place limit orders to buy whole shares of some of the most traded ETFs and individual stocks 24 hours a day, five days a week. 24 Hour Market lets customers invest when they want, on their schedule. Trading hours run from 8:00 pm ET on Sunday to 8:00 pm ET on Friday.

Here’s how to access the Robinhood 24 Hour Market in-app:

  1. Select your stock or ETF. Stocks and ETFs that are tradable 24 hours will be differentiated in-app. A 24 Hour Market list will also show the 922 stocks and ETFs that can be traded. This list includes many of the most popular symbols by trading volume.
  2. Name your price. Customers can place 24 Hour Market orders in the Limit Order flow. As a first step, customers type in the maximum price they would pay for the security – or the minimum price they would sell for. 
  3. Set trading hours and time in force. Select the 24 Hour Market trading session and choose when a limit order should be executed by, or expire.  
  4. Select number of shares. After selecting how many shares they’d like to buy, traders will see a summary of the order, including the limit price, time in force, and total estimated cost. Swipe to submit, and the trade is submitted!

We know that market-moving news can break day or night— and few people have the ability to react in real time. The Robinhood 24 Hour Market gives our customers a way to act in real-time, manage their portfolio and adapt to new information, whenever it hits.


All investments involve risk and loss of principal is possible.

There are additional, unique risks with trading outside of regular market hours you should be aware of before making an investment decision, including the risk of lower liquidity, increased volatility, greater spreads, and pricing uncertainty. Please review the Extended Hours Trading Disclosure for more information concerning these risks. The Robinhood 24 Hour Market is from Sunday 8PM ET – Friday 8PM ET.



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